About Us

Over 40 Years of Experience

  Marina Rehabilitation & Health Services was  established in 1997 by S. Hanna P.T., Ph.D. and G. Hanna M.D. We are one of the leading Physical Therapy Clinics in the Detroit Metropolitan Area as we offer exceptional Physical Therapy treatment, and hold a reputation of helping hundreds of patients achieve their rehabilitation goals in a friendly atmosphere.  

Our facility prides itself on being one of the few Physical Therapy clinics in Michigan that has a Physical Therapist with over 40 years in experience and a doctoral degree.

Every visit is ONE-on-ONE with Dr. Hanna. He is the only Therapist that patients will meet with each visit. He holds the highest standards in accomplishing a successful recovery.

Our Goal

Our goal is to return the patient back to their activities of daily life, whether it be work, home or sports. We aim to provide exceptional care and customer service. 

We are fully committed to educating our patients how to maintain their recovery status in providing complementary follow up work-outs and  giving Home Exercise Programs that specialize in the specified area. 


Give us a call to schedule your appointment for a FREE Injury Screening  at  (248) 650-1984